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Japanese + Rock Music= Candy ^^

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7/23/09 09:11 pm - rosenhaeher - ~

Hi ^^"
I guess no one's here anymore, but if someone is watching this community... Then he/ she could answer or view the link below :D

I'm new here... Sry my english isn't good ^^"
so. Yeah. I'm looking for some PVs to download :D

If you're searching for J-Rock/ -Pop/ VK music, you should view the link below and look at the left side... you'll have to scroll.


Haeher :D

7/26/07 01:59 pm - mylastmemory

I just opened my own website selling japanese items such as jrock flyers, kimono, anime and japanese sweets. Go check it out. It's really cute :D I'll be updating it throughout the week!

10/24/06 05:02 pm - mylastmemory

I've just opened a clothing store 100% secure, fully supported online store that has some Jrock designs in it. ^^


or if that link does not work xD


Take a look and if you have a design or Jrocker you would like to be made into a shirt, jacket, etc. please feel free to message me and I will get right on it with no extra cost to you what so ever than the cost of the shirt alone. ^^

You can ask me to design one for you and you can order as many as you like~

Please Check it out!

Thank you~ <33

10/6/06 04:28 pm - mylastmemory

I'm currently selling a lot of my Jrock flyers including Miyavi, Gazette, D'espairs Ray...Collapse )

8/16/06 07:49 am - k_ito_fangirl

Alright guys sorry I haven't posted anything here lately I'm a bad moderator!! T_T But alas I have gotten bored and am in the process of uploading tons of pv's etc.
so just click on the link this post will be editted randomly through the day as I upload things


Uploaded PV'S HERE!!Collapse )

7/30/06 07:03 am - tearsofasiren

Hi, I'm new. My name's Marina and I just recently started listening to Jrock when I stumbled across Dir en Grey. Right now Dir en Grey is like the only thing I listen to, but I'm looking up new bands to listen to. So if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me.

4/26/06 03:36 pm - 100_101

Got some new brushes and randomly decided to make a crapload of wallpapers.

lots-o-wallpapersCollapse )<img src=http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g26/lillithrose/random/Vidollwallpaper.jpg

4/24/06 01:53 pm - emulfius - hello ^__^

Hi I am new *waves*

1/25/06 07:45 pm - gothania - hello.ha.

Okey... I'm new, too. And I read the rules... So, I think it's better to
introduce myself a bit... I am girl, who speaks terrible english.. and I fell
really really reelly in love with visu.
Specially Diru~ I am a totaly Shinya Freak! [but Waru is waii....also! hehe]
I also read in the rules, that I can post news about Visu....
The last thing I heard was, that Dir en Grey don't like Germany...
But maybe it doesn't matter for you... or it's just a myth.
I made some icons for you.
I hope they're not too ugly.


1/21/06 11:24 pm - yusuka

Hello, it's me ^^ I have a favor to ask andy yeah... I know my english is bad, sorry sorry sorry >.<

I'm searching for access videoclips from access Tour 2002 and I'm really depressed, I can't find anything. Years ago, I lost this clips together with my beloved computer -_-

I would share something from my DA Family clips with you, if you were able to bring me back those video clips ;_; please please please.... thanks.
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