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Japanese + Rock Music= Candy ^^

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1/18/06 07:48 pm - kage_no_iro - J-Rock Radio Show!

Great news, all you J-Rock fans!
I'm a DJ at one of the local radio stations and I recently got my own show. Even if you're not in the area, you can listen online and still make requests via AOL instant messenger. Everything from where to listen and what's available to request can be found here:
J-Rock Shock

Tune in and listen to J-Rock Shock!

DJ Khrimsin

1/8/06 07:54 pm - suuta - dk wallpaper

Hello! I'm new, thought I would introduce myself and bring a gift... first... I have a rotation with a tone of Iceman videos on it and some MP3s... also I just raided this DK MSN Group and rather than use the pics to make icons (like I had intended)... I made a wallpaper... isn't he cute?

Just thought I'd share... *waves bai bai*

1/4/06 02:15 pm - yusuka - hello minna!

I joined for month, but now I think its time for writing an entry! I'm a great fan of various j-rock bands, include DA Familiy, D'espairsRay for example. I want to share some songs with you... ^^ please comment when you download them, this would be nice. ^^

Daisuke Asakura - Yellow

Hiroyuki Takami - New Days

access - Tear's Liberation

12/24/05 05:55 pm - kyo_slave24 - HI!

I just joined and I'm happy to be here.As you could probably tell from the name I'm in love with Kyo from Dir en Grey and he's my idol.I have almost all of Dir en Grey's music.(All my PVs were stolen T_T) I'll be making a playlist of everything else I have so if anyone needs any Dir en Grey for the time being just ask and I will gladly get it to you a.s.a.p. if I have it. See ya's!

12/24/05 11:04 am - k_ito_fangirl

A few people where asking for me to reup The seeker stuff so here's the first one

The Seeker Heavenly blue pv
The Seeker Gather roses pv

Merry Christmas guys!

12/9/05 01:58 am - macabre_mask - MUCC Wallie ^.^

Hey all, I made a horrid MUCC wallpaper for you all ^.^

Just comment if you actually like it and will use it XD I'd like to see feedback ^.^

I've made others in the past, but this is BY far my favorite ^.^

Enjoy ^.^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

12/9/05 12:28 am - macabre_mask - Noobie ^.^

Hello, my name is Liz [but you'll see me call myself Henjin quite often]! I randomly stumbled here and the fangirl personality of me clicked the join button XDD

So without futher ado here is [my playlist] to date!

and here....is one of my many :]

Lustedness XDDCollapse )

11/27/05 11:00 am - asachan - Penicillin, hide, X-Japan

Sorry, I cannot speak very well English. I look for the following Songs, as mpg/mpeg, avi, wmv or mp3. penicillin - KISSxxxx; hide - Rocket Dive; X-Japan - Weekend has this Songs someone? MPG/MPEG or AVI would like to me, but WMV or MP3 would be also ok.


11/21/05 05:08 pm - orakley - Help again

I have already ask if you have some MUCC PV
on jrock_uploads
an so I want to ask at some other community's

Do you have some MUCC PV or Videos for me?

x-posed to _tokyotower and jrock_eye_candy, jrock_uploads

11/19/05 03:02 pm - ringoringo

i'm new! haha ... i love j-rockers ... and will share a great deal of mp3s of any kinds of j-rockers ... check me for mp3s and videos or whatever that i want to upload at the time ... yoroshiku... ^^
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